Surveillance: Ensuring It’s Business as Usual

End-to-End Solutions

The MiroDX platform is a flexible solution for disease and health surveillance data collection, testing and tracing for schools, the travel industry, sports teams, and businesses large and small.

It’s simple and quick:

1. Log in – Individuals are prompted to log into their account daily.

2. Take the survey – In 60 seconds or less, we are able to gather all the information needed to assess an individual’s risk.

3. See the result – Our surveillance testing allows swift identification of disease incidence and prevalence within your population.

4. Population Health Dashboard – Easily view your employee population’s de-identified risk status, in addition to the effectiveness of preventative measures.

A suite of tools make the software easy to use, yet the administrative reports are meaningful and keep your organization in compliance.

User Management
Track results in real time as your populations utilize the platform. Population-wide or custom groupings or cohorts. View population-level statistics, and more.

Surveillance Testing
Pool data, not samples. Quickly identify outbreaks within your organization and mitigate potential spread, with cost-effective de-identified point-of-care rapid antigen tests. ,

Customizable Survey
Your state or area may have strict guidelines about return to work or return to campus. Talk to us about how to customize a survey to meet your needs.

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