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MiroDX provides clinicians, patients and payers with individualized, and conveniently kitted medical supplies, in an effort to facilitate easy access to healthcare, without sacrificing quality.

Convenient Care Delivery

Having learned the value of expeditious delivery of critical medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are uniquely situated to continue the delivery of care in patients homes. More specifically, we understand the role ancillary care plays in care delivery and are on a mission to ensure it’s consumption is simultaneously convenient, cost-conscious, yet efficacious. Our experts are available to help guide clinicians through the adoption of not only our Packit product lines, but our industry tailored solutions.

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Our Products & Solutions

Surveillance Software

Providing your organization with timely, useful evidence for data-driven decision making. Prepare for, prevent and respond to potential threats to keep employers, employees and the community-at-large safe, while maintaining business continuity.
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Infectious Disease [COVID-19] Tests

High quality, FDA-compliant rapid antigen tests to be used within your surveillance or screening program. Tests can be purchased in conjunction with our Surveillance Software or separately.
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Patient-centric Testing

Lab testing made simple, with our virtually painless collection devices and kits meeting patients where they are. Increase employee/patient compliance by facilitating greater access to customizable panels for specific disease state monitoring, overall population monitoring, and biometric screening.
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Medical Device Manufacturing

Custom injection molded healthcare devices, proudly designed and crafted in Minnesota with U.S. steel.
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We're driven to help clinicians minimize risk by optimizing health.

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