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Advanced clinical solutions for increased practice value, and superior patient care.

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COVID-19 emphasized the value of medical supplies expeditiously delivered to the patient, with ancillary care playing a key role in the the convenience, compliance, sustainability and efficacy of care. Our experts will help source the best solution for your clinical need and facilitate easy adoption.

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Our Products & Solutions

Infectious Disease [COVID-19] Tests

High quality, FDA-compliant rapid antigen tests to be used within your surveillance or screening program. Tests can be purchased in conjunction with our Surveillance Software or separately.
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Patient-centric Testing

Lab testing made simple, with our virtually painless collection devices and kits meeting patients where they are. Increase employee/patient compliance by facilitating greater access to customizable panels for specific disease state monitoring, overall population monitoring, and biometric screening.
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Medical Device Manufacturing

Custom injection molded healthcare devices, proudly designed and crafted in Minnesota with U.S. steel.
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Wound CareKits

Wound CareKits are individualized and conveniently kitted dressing change supplies designed for ease of use by both patients and providers.
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We're driven to help clinicians minimize risk by optimizing health.

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