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Understanding Wound CareKits

MiroDX Wound CareKits are non-sterile wound dressing convenience kits designed for episodic wound care. Single kits include sterile single use components, individually kitted. Components vary based on model.


Wound CareKits are deployed during numerous care situations. To that end, use cases with both acute and chronic wounds will benefit from the CareKit model.

Wound CareKits may be used consistent with their component’s legally intended and indications for use.

Yes. Wound CareKits are listed with the FDA and require a prescription based on their required labeling and component parts.

Yes. Warnings and precautions of all of the Wound CareKit’s component parts are listed on their individual packaging as well as linked on this webpage and are listed on the Instructions for Use (IFU).

Provider FAQ

To prescribe your patients Wound CareKits, you must first fill out the simple account set up form linked here.

If you have questions or would like to set up time to discuss CareKits or account requirements, please reach out at info@mirodx.com.

No. Once your patient is prescribed CareKits and the order is submitted to Miro, the CareKits will be shipped to the patient’s home or distributed by the provider at the place or treatment for use by the patient in the home.

If your patients finds that the CareKit is missing a component of the CareKit or if a component appears damaged, the patient will contact MiroDX at 888-656-3444 or help@mirodx.com for a replacement.

If your patient does not understand how to use the kit (removing and reapply the wound dressings) after reviewing the instructions or support tools that come with the CareKit, they can contact our product support line at 888-656-3444 or send their questions to help@mirodx.com.

Reimbursement is dependent upon individual provider fee schedules, but yes, there are two billable components in the kits, as DME. MiroDX will work with your billing department to ensure that your team understands appropriate billing of CareKits under CMS and LCD policies, as well as commercial payor contracts.

Yes. We have partnered with DME companies that will provide your patients with CareKits. Alternatively, MiroDX may assist providers in obtaining their own DME license in the event that provider wants to capture the revenue and service their own patients.

The CareKits are a complete solution to an episodic wound dressing change and the number of units or “doses” of CareKits are patient specific, customizable by the treating medical care provider. The provider may order as many units or doses depending on the patient’s needs with CMS guidelines allowing for 30 units or doses within a 30 day period.

Patient FAQ

You received a Wound CareKit based on your provider’s assessment of your wound and what dressings might help aid in it’s successful healing.

Your wound might be a surgical wound (i.e., incision), a scrape, blister, pressure ulcer, sore, etc.

Yes, you are provided the quantity that your provider specifically prescribed for you and your wound. If you feel the prescribed quantity or dressing change protocol is not right, please reach out to your prescribing clinician.

You may shower carefully when using the Wound CareKits, as the transparent adhesive dressing is considered waterproof, with the bordered gauze dressing is water resistant. With this in mind, always be gentle with the wound area.

Reach out to your provider for questions about your specific wound.

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