Patient-centric Testing

End-to-End Solutions

MiroDX is working to evolve lab testing by facilitating greater access to innovative remote sample collection, paired with high quality diagnostic lab testing. Leveraging user-friendly and virtually painless micro sample collection tools allows for a patient-centric approach, without eliminating clinicians from the process. We are committed to providing accuracy comparable to what would be expected in a traditional draw station/lab setting.

Whether monitoring a chronic condition or biometric screening for potential high-cost diagnoses, our panels can be customized to meet your population’s needs, such as:

– Customized biometric wellness testing
– Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes testing
– Comprehensive metabolic testing
– Kidney health testing
– Thyroid health testing
– Obesity related testing

Our collection kits allow for micro samples to get return mailed from anywhere in the world to one of our high complexity CLIA labs. Kits and collection devices can be mailed to an individuals home or made available in clinicians offices.

Clinically-validated testing methods, utilizing mass spectrometry and traditional clinical chemistry platforms, allow for more testing with less sample. In conjunction, advanced sample collection technology removes collection related issues and decreases patient frustration, fear and the potential for sample rejection at the laboratory. Patient-centric testing is the perfect telehealth companion.

We’re driven to find answers to help people proactively manage their health.

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