Why Wound Care?

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There continues to be a void in patients’ ability to receive coordinated care, leading to gaps in the care continuum, increasing costs, and decreasing effective outcomes. One acute example is post-surgical wound care. Following a discharge from a surgical procedure, patients are often left to navigate wound care without resources and, in many cases, pay out of pocket for covered services and supplies.

The CDC found that, depending on the type of surgical procedure and patient comorbidities, the risk of developing a surgical site infection (“SSI”) can be as high as 20 percent. Specifically, “[t]he CDC healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevalence survey found that there were an estimated 110,800 SSIs associated with inpatient surgeries in 2015. While advances have been made in infection control practices, including improved operating room ventilation, sterilization methods, barriers, surgical technique, and availability of antimicrobial prophylaxis, SSIs remain a substantial cause of morbidity, prolonged hospitalization, and death. It is reported that SSI accounts for 20% of all HAIs and is associated with a January 2022 Procedure-associated Module SSI Events 9… 2 to 11-fold increase in the risk of mortality with 75% of SSI-associated deaths directly attributable to the SSI. SSI is the most expensive HAI type with an estimated annual cost of $3.3 billion, and extends hospital length of stay by 9.7 days, with the cost of hospitalization increased by more than $20,000 per admission” (CDC 1-2). Moreover, although over-the-counter bandages may be used to treat minor wounds, seeking medical consultation regarding an open injury is necessary. Typical over-the-counter dressings without carefully followed guidance for a dressing change vastly increase the risk of infection.
The MiroDX reduces the risk of an SSI with its wound care solution. MiroDX’s personalized Wound Care Kits support care path coordination, reduce the heightened risk of infection through patient non-compliance, improve outcomes and add to the patient experience. Additionally, our proprietary primary dressings have antimicrobial dressings that reduce bio-burden and prevent surgical site infections (SSI) when indicated by your health care provider. Simply put, the MiroDX Wound Care Kit takes the burden of indefinite care away from the consumer. We provide one easy-to-use care kit with everything necessary for a wound dressing change. At MiroDX, we provide our clients with the required items and instructions to undergo post-surgical wound care properly, delivering the tools for a wound to heal rapidly without infection or complication, reinstating the affected area’s appearance and function.

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Talk to your doctor about which MiroDx Wound Care Kit is right for you or your loved one. When needing immediate care, please seek counsel from your medical professional. All questions can be answered by emailing info@mirodxnew.flywheelsites.com or calling 888-656-3444; 5 min read.