The How of Home Delivery

| Home Based Care

Covid has forever informed and changed society, and MiroDX has optimized to wound care path accordingly. Inspired by Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs and Amazon’s PillPack, patients may now embark on a wound care path that extends the traditional quality of a clinical setting to a more patient-centric and cost-effective environment in an on-demand model. MiroDX’s solution offers innovative, pre-packaged products and support services that support the medical care professionals and the patients they serve.  

Upon medical consultation, doctors will be able to provide an Rx of our Wound Care Kit that is personalized to a patient’s need and designed to address a specific injury, ensuring all Wound Care Kits contain everything necessary for dressing changes, consistent with specific doctor’s orders for each wound (we know one size does not fit all):

  • Single-Use Gloves
  • Wound Rinse Solution (single ampule)
  • Gauze Sponges
  • Patented Comfort Release Transparent Dressing Cover
  • Medical-Grade Personalized Primary Dressing (e.g., Collagen Matrix, Powder) 
  • Easy to Comprehend Instructions
  • Embedded Virtual ProctorConnect Support

MiroDX eliminates the consumer’s need to curate their home-treatment plan by providing a convenient wound care kit that fulfills medical care providers’ prescriptions to aid and support recovery plans. What separates MiroDX from any other wound care solution is the FDA compliant and quality of the individually packed product, expedited to where the patient wants care. Furthermore, our Comfort Release is a patented secondary dressing that allows for a balanced moisture environment for optimal healing and provides secure reapplication and water-resistant protection, a necessary element for better patient outcomes and experience. 

The MiroDX Wound Care Kit elevates the consumer health experience by offering a personalized and cost-efficient wound care path in collaboration with medical providers and insurance payors.

Talk to your doctor about which MiroDX Wound Care Kit is right for you or your loved one. When needing immediate care, please seek counsel from your medical professional. All questions can be answered by emailing or calling 888-656-3444; 3 min read.