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WOUNDerful Care

| Home Based Care

MiroDX supports “on-demand” health care models that are evidence-based best practices designed to meet the patient where they are. MiroDX recognizes that healthcare delivered in the home is not patient-centric, but our motivation in entering the market space is furthering the on-demand consumer health experience, enabling clinicians and patients to achieve better outcomes. As the home-based care model gains popularity, we recognize the importance of expedited delivery of innovative, evidence-based medical products and services. Our FDA-registered patient-centric Wound Care Kits ensure quality medical care and a positive patient experience in a convenient and sustainable care path.  

The MiroDX care path is a complete solution. The current provider approach to wound care is inconsistent at best and below the standard of care at worst. MiroDX works with providers to provide a complete solution to achieve a personalized and effective patient outcome that is sustainable and critical to value-based care. 

At MiroDX, we understand the importance of working with doctors and their patients to personalize the care path and achieve complete wound recovery. This doctor-driven business model proves to be advantageous in not only taking out the costs of wound care but doing so in a way that achieves clinically efficacious healing regardless of wound stage or size. Our proprietary FDA-registered solution considers a personalized stage and size-specific approach to wound care to allow for the hyper-specific combination of patented and FDA-compliant wound dressing products free from minimum purchase quantities.

Patient concerns can be addressed immediately through our ProctorConnect support, available 24/7. ProctorConnect pairs the patient with a licensed medical professional to accurately address concerns and support patients down the appropriate care pathways. The MiroDX Wound Care Kit includes a collection swab that can be sent to our laboratory at any time in the patient’s healing journey for a conclusive evaluation of patient injury and to provide a plan of action. Our understanding of the wound care path, focus on the patient experience, commitment to personalizing a sustainable health care solution, and drive to support the providers in achieving better outcomes make us the perfect partner for wound care needs.

Enquire today for more details on our Wound Care Kits. Our team is on standby to walk you through our “what is needed when it is needed” ordering model. When needing immediate care, please seek counsel from your medical professional. All questions can be answered by emailing or calling 888-656-3444; 5 min read.