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Noted by Forbes and The New York Times, it is clear that Covid-Era consumer trends are permanent transpositions in the marketplace. As consumers are now conditioned to receive everything from medication to meals at their doorstep, patients expect an elevated level of individualized care—MiroDX’s on-demand wound care solution meets this expectation. We delivered a safe and intuitive wound management solution consistent with evidence-based medicine’s best practices and consigned by medical providers and insurance payors. 

Our Wound Care Kits simplify ancillary patient care, ensuring quality medical care and support from home comfort. Our FDA-registered kits bundle a completed solution to wound care, including primary dressings to support and enhance the healing process, patented secondary covers to create the optimal healing environment, and real-time backing regarding infection status and wound progression. Developed with postoperative wounds in mind, MiroDX’s Post-Surgical Incision Management Solution is designed to achieve rapid healing without complications and improve the affected area’s chances of returning to optimal function and appearance.

With an array of home-care options, Our Full Suite of Wound Care Kits may be customized by the health care professional to meet a patient’s unique needs and circumstances. Our basic at-home Wound Care Kit includes a medical-grade primary dressing and, equally important, the patented Comfort Release cover, along with all of the supplies necessary to change the dressing effectively. A medical care professional will prescribe our wound care solution and the MiroDX Wound Care Kit arrives tailor-made to the patient with instructions for use and our ProctorConnect support services, enabling real-time patient support for the product application and wound evaluation. When our kit comes to the door, patients have the materials to avoid infection and promote healing with instantaneous product support (or on-demand proctor). 

MiroDX’s Wound Care Kit provides the necessary level of ancillary care support from the comfort of the home or anywhere that care is desired while maintaining the best practices of evidence-based wound care. At MiroDx, we extend the traditional health care facility to the chosen environment in collaboration with medical professionals and insurance payors with our FDA-registered Wound Care Kits on-demand support in a personalized, cost-effective and sustainable model of care.

Talk to your doctor about which MiroDx Wound Care Kit is right for you or your loved one. When needing immediate care, please seek counsel from your medical professional. All questions can be answered by emailing info@mirodxnew.flywheelsites.com or calling 888-656-3444; 4 min read.